3. Results

Figure 1.1
We had taken the change in the Voltage of batteries 1 and 2 over a time span of 19.8 hours

Battery 1 is presumed faulty as the charge was decreasing quite a lot, however it still serves the purpose of keeping the Voltage in it above 3V as that is what is needed to power the LED lights.
Battery 2 is working fine, but the voltage of the first 2 hours had been caused by unknown reasons. The battery can keep its charge over a long period of time.
The batteries can be used in the system as over a time span of around 20 hours, both batteries kept their charges above 3V which is enough to power the LED lights.

Fig 1.2
Figure 1.2 shows the different states of the battery when in use, neutral and when charging.

Each dot on the line graph depicts 10 seconds. The battery was in use for the first 20 seconds before being switched to charging mode for another 80 seconds. The huge increase of voltage shows how fast we can charge our batteries with our system. The battery was then switched to neutral for the next 7seconds. The reason for the the huge drop at first is due to flipping of the switch, resulting in an open circuit for the time the switch was flipped. The following drop is the result of the flipping of switch to in use, which decrease the charge in the battery by a substantial amount. The battery then showed a steady decline during the time it was in use.

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